Turn Your Unwanted Jewellery into Cash

Jewellery items can be very valuable, but they are often even more valuable when turned into cash. If you are considering selling diamond jewellery, make sure that you are working with a reliable jewellery dealer in South Africa that can provide you with an accurate evaluation and a genuine offer for you to consider.

Experienced diamond dealers like Liquid Finance can provide you with accurate information regarding all your jewellery pieces, especially when it comes to diamond jewellery that you want to sell. Selling diamond rings or other jewellery pieces might be a bit challenging at first, especially if you don’t have experience in selling jewellery, which is why your need to work with an experienced dealer to get the right assistance.


Tips for Selling Diamond Jewellery

Tips for Selling Diamond Jewellery

Getting an accurate evaluation is the first step when looking to sell diamond jewellery. Once you have an accurate evaluation of your piece, you can decide whether or not you want to sell the item or not. Selling a diamond ring for example, has to be a decision you make on your own, to make sure that you want to sell it, and at the right price. You should also know why the item has a specific value, for example due to the size of the diamond, the purity of the gold, and more.

Selling to an approved diamond dealer is a better alternative than selling the item privately, as you know that you will work with a professional in the field, who knows how to accurate evaluate any ring or other jewellery item. You can find out more about the piece and get the best possible amount of money for your jewellery piece.
A diamond dealer like Liquid Finance will also provide you with a safe and professional environment where you can discuss selling your diamond jewellery. Once you approve the offer, money can be paid into your bank account immediately, which you can verify before finalising the deal. This means a hassle-free transaction from a reputable, trusted diamond jewellery dealer.

Liquid Finance is based in Johannesburg and we specialise in gold and diamond jewellery purchases. If you are thinking of selling diamond jewellery, contact our friendly team. We have a professional environment to offer and we can turn your unwanted jewellery into cash – immediately. We also offer free evaluations on gold or diamond jewellery.

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