When a 15-year-old boy discovered the first known diamond in South Africa he sold it before realising its value.

A 15-year-old boy named Stephanus Jacobs discovered the Eureka Diamond in 1867 who thought of it as nothing more than a ‘pretty stone.’ The boy’s discovery became known as the Eureka Diamond, the first diamond found in South Africa. This led to a huge change of pace in South Africa’s economic development. During the ‘diamond rush’ large numbers of people flocked to Kimberley where the first diamond discovery was made in hope of finding their own ‘pretty stones’.

The diamond was trustfully transferred to John O’Reilly who took it to Colesberg where some further inquiries were made about the ‘stone’. It was only then concluded that this find was in fact, a diamond.

During the course of the next century, the Eureka diamond was bought and sold a number of times. In 1967 De Beers bought the diamond and brought it back to South African to donate it to all South African people. It is now currently on display at the Kimberley Mine Museum.

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