Upgrade gold and sterling silver heirlooms (or if you’re not into tech… sell it!)

3D gold printing has modern jewellery designers excited. This technology allows you to create complicated designs and repair sentimental broken jewellery you do not necessarily want to sell.

Jewellery styles come and go, but a brand-new technology unveiled in England in 2015, is definitely changing the jewellery design game for good. Heirloom pieces that’s passed down for generations can now be changed to be more fashionable or better suit the current owner’s personal style. Although currently still costly and out of reach for most, we’re positive that jewellers and the public will be clambering for a piece of the action soon!

Lionel T. Dean, a product artist based in the UK and his project, “Precious” , is a meeting of science, art and industrial design. He is turning out some truly unique pieces that would otherwise be impossible to create without the miraculous technology we call 3D printing. Lionel’s first collection of 3D printed jewellery has just recently been unveiled at Birmingham City University’s School of Jewellery.

Historically, jewellery buyers have been put off by the high cost and large amounts of wastage associated with the 3D printing of precious metals. Most previous 3D printers specialising in metals contain many gaps, holes and cavities where precious metal powders can be trapped and wasted – not ideal considering the high price of gold powder. The new Precious M 080 3D printer is designed specifically for working with 18K gold and does away with these problems.

The pieces in this jewellery collection feature incredibly delicate and intricate latticework that would be impossible to achieve without 3D printing. This technology allows the jeweller on the other end to personalise the design and position gemstones to their liking on any piece.

In addition, a clever new technique also allows you to save elements from your older jewellery pieces and allow the 3D printer to print a new piece directly onto, around and in between them! Known as the “collect bangle”, this innovative system can create brand new and modern pieces out of antique or heirloom elements.

This new innovation understandably has the jewellery industry standing up and taking notice, and we’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds! However, most people sitting with unwanted or broken jewellery do not always have additional resources to consider 3D printed jewellery to improve their old jewellery. So, even though you may be into the latest technology, selling your unwanted or broken diamond and gold jewellery might just be a way to ‘upgrade’ and express your jewellery dreams.

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