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3D printed Gold is the new Generation of Luxury – Time to sell my Jewellery!

If you’re browsing this website, there’s a good chance you’re doing research on jewellery buyers who will give you a decent price when you decide to dispense with the dust-gatherers you never wear and sell jewellery for cold, hard cash.

Many people who decide to sell jewellery with LiquidFin or other second-hand jewellery buyers do so because their old jewellery (sometimes passed down for generations) is simply not wearable anymore, most of the time it is simply out of fashion, or just doesn’t fit in with the owner’s style.

It’s obvious that jewellery styles come and go, but a brand new technology unveiled recently in England is definitely changing the jewellery design game for good, and we’re positive that jewellery buyers will be clambering for a piece of the action soon!

Lionel T. Dean, a product artist based in the UK and his latest project, “Precious”, is a meeting of science, art and industrial design, and is turning out some truly unique pieces that would otherwise be impossible to create without the miraculous technology we call 3D printing. His first collection of 3D printed jewellery has just recently been unveiled at Birmingham City University’s School of Jewellery.

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Historically, jewellery buyers have been put off by the high cost and large amounts of wastage associated with the 3D printing of precious metals. Most previous 3D printers specialising in metals contain many gaps, holes and cavities where precious metal powders can be trapped and wasted – not ideal considering the high price of gold powder. The new Precious M 080 3D printer is designed specifically for working with 18K gold and does away with these problems.

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The pieces in this jewellery collection feature incredibly delicate and intricate latticework that would be impossible to achieve without 3D printing, and allows the jewellery buyers on the other end to personalise the design and position gemstones to their liking on any piece.

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In addition, a clever new technique also allows you to save elements from your older jewellery pieces and allow the 3D printer to print a new piece directly onto, around and in between them! Known as the “collect bangle”, this innovative system can create brand new and modern pieces out of antique or heirloom elements, so hopefully in the not-too-distant future, people will decide to upgrade, rather than sell jewellery they don’t wear anymore.

This new innovation understandably has the jewellery industry extremely excited, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!


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Even if you’re not quite ready to sell jewellery, gold or diamonds that you haven’t worn in a while, you’re welcome to bring them in to us for a free evaluation.

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