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5 things you didn’t know diamonds were used for

According to Malcolm Forbes, “Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs.” But what exactly is their “job”, so to speak? Marilyn Monroe was wont to sing about how “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but these sparkling gems can be so much more than that. With their numerous applications in science and technology, perhaps the expression should be “diamonds are a scientist’s best friend”, or even “diamonds are a sound engineer’s best friend.” Yes, these amazing gems have some pretty interesting uses apart from adorning the hands or ears of your beloved. Next time you’re selling diamonds, take a moment to ponder the other uses of this much coveted gem.

1. Sound Engineering

Due to their incomparable strength and hardness, diamonds can be sliced incredibly thin to create out of this world sound clarity. By using them in the manufacture of speaker domes, you create a dome which is able to vibrate at higher and faster frequencies with very little distortion, resulting in crisp acoustics.

2. Beauty

It may be the most expensive facial you’ve ever had, but diamond peels are proving to be one of the best practices for non-surgical micro dermal abrasion, removing wrinkles and skin imperfections with little irritation. A definite incentive for jewellers to consider selling diamond scrapings.

3. Computer Technology

It looks like diamonds may overshadow silicon computer technology in the not-so-near future. Due to their incredibly stable molecular nature, diamonds will be able to transfer information at much faster rates than silicon technology, with increased security as well.

4. Medicine

Trials with diamond dust skin patches have shown the gem to be effective in helping cancer patients respond favourably to chemotherapy. Additionally, there has been a longstanding belief that diamonds can cure poisoning, although there is no scientific evidence to back this.

5. Construction

As one of the hardest substances in the world, diamond makes the ideal tip for construction tools. From diamond-tipped saws, to engraving tools, diamonds turn up anywhere where a sturdy cutting surface is needed, no matter the intended material. Diamond also makes a durable coating for windows in X-ray machines and laser housings, providing incomparable safety and resistance to heat, while still maintaining the necessary transparency.

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