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5 of the Most Colourful Minerals Available on Earth

How many of us have drawers with unworn gold jewellery? Wouldn’t it be nice to turn your gold into cash? Along with the gold items, Liquid Fin can turn any diamond item and other precious jewellery item into cash as well.

But there are a few other interesting minerals that are quite valuable; we normally think of diamonds but they are not the only stones that are worth a lot of money. There are others that have definitely stood out as being not only unique but valuable, too. There are five very colourful and interesting minerals on earth that, over the course of time, have been used in jewellery settings. Some of these minerals can be considered semi-precious stones, while others, like the diamond and opal, are most assuredly considered precious.

What are the Five Most Colourful Minerals on Earth?

Florite – which comes in several colours of the spectrum i.e., blue, yellow, green, red, white and purple. It is phosphorescent and glows when heated once in its lifetime.

Quartz – fluorescent – it can have blue, yellow, red, white, and purple crystals.

Elbaite – This mineral can be seen in many different colours within a single specimen. It has a weak blue or white fluorescence and when you look at it from different angles, the crystal appears darker.

Opal – has a white or pale green fluorescence and appears like light is twinkling inside its structure. It is the state gem of Australia and is a precious stone.

Diamond – this mineral is the hardest known to man. It has a 2.4 light refractive index, and its fluorescence is blue.
For more on these minerals, have a look at the infographic below:

turn your gold into cash infographic

Image credit: 911metallurgist.com and Mining Examiner

All of these minerals have been used in jewellery items, with the addition of a gold chain or holder. This makes them valuable because of the gold, with the exception of the diamond and opal mineral, the other three minerals are generally considered to be semi-precious minerals. There is no doubt that they are attractive to wear and to look at, but to turn them into cash requires a portion of the jewellery piece to be gold.

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Main image credit: Steven Depolo via Flickr