A fair price for your most priceless items, what to do with unwanted jewelry?

Letting go of property is always difficult, and even harder when it is jewelry. Jewelry is often sentimental; it may have been a gift, or a reward to yourself, regardless it can cost a small fortune. It may be hard to accept that you now consider this item unwanted jewelry and you certainly aren’t willing to give it away for free.

If you clear out your jewelry box, sock drawer or even closet, the chances are that you will find broken jewelry, mismatched earrings, necklaces that are all tangled up and a number of jewelry items that are gathering dust or that you simply do not wear anymore. This begs the question, would it not be a wise decision to rather sell unwanted jewelry?

There are services that you could utilize to guarantee that you are getting a fair price for your unwanted jewelry. Some of the options might include putting an advertisement in your local newspaper advert section or online to sell unwanted jewelry to a local second hand store. But when you do this, on your own, you run the risk of devaluing your item.

That is where Liquid Fin comes in. We do the job that you do not want to and even evaluate your jewelry for free when you choose to get rid of unwanted jewelry for cash.
Liquid Fin unwanted jewelry diamond

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When you get a free evaluation of your unwanted jewelry you do not have to settle and sell with us. You are free to choose when and if you want to sell your precious items, however, bear in mind the valuation can change.

Not only are we an established company in Johannesburg, we assure security and privacy when you come in to sell unwanted jewelry. It is not easy getting rid of unwanted jewelry for cash and even more difficult to trust people to give you a fair price.

Don’t let your jewelry gather dust around the house or at the bottom of your jewelry box. Allow Liquid Fin to help you get a return on your unwanted jewelry. Memories live on forever, but at the end of the day, the unused jewelry could help you put food on the table.

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