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A Short History on Silver [Infographic]

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Sterling silver has been around for ages and is very popular, too. It was discovered in Ancient India centuries ago and it was also the first currency in circulation. Many people counted their wealth in terms of the amount of sterling silver they owned, and this was a measure of wealth and success for many years.

Silver is undoubtedly very popular as it has continued to hold its value through the years. It’s a grey metal that is pure and takes its roots from the Latin word “Argentum” that means “grey”. Silver ornaments and jewellery were crafted from silver since ancient times and the metal was used in mirrors too. In India, brides are required to take silver plates as part of their bridal gift when they get married.

Sterling silver jewellery is suitable for very delicate designs as it can be shaped when it’s solid. A fine layer of pure silver gives it its sparkly finish. There has also been a rise in costume jewellery that uses silver as it mimics white gold very well. Silver is thus a great alternative to very expensive jewellery and it still looks great and stylish.

If you’d like to know more about this versatile metal, have a look at the infographic below:

where to sell silver

Image credit: Gem Ln

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