About Diamonds: Diamond Shapes

When buying a piece of diamond jewellery, it is important to consider not only the diamond clarity, colour, and carats but also the shape of the diamond.

This is not a big consideration when you want to sell a diamond ring or other diamond jewellery, but for purchases for individuals it is quite important. A lot of people have preferences in terms of shape and, regardless of the price of the diamond, may dislike it if the cut is not to their liking.

Sell diamond jewellery now - different types of diamond cut

There are quite a number of different cuts to choose from, the most classic shape being a round cut that provides maximum brightness. This cut is the one that is most often depicted in pictures and 75% of all diamonds today are cut into this shape. If you are at a bit of a loss as to which shape of diamond to choose, you can’t go wrong with a round cut.

The second type of cut is a princess cut which is quite a popular shape in engagement rings as its style suits a lot of different types of rings. If you are considering having a unique style of ring made, a princess cut is the stone style most likely to suit it.

The third type is the oval cut which is semi oblong and provides the illusion of greater size. This is a good choice if you want a stone that looks bigger but is not too overpowering in the jewellery.

The last style we are looking at is cushion cut which has been around for a long time and at one stage in history was as popular as the round cut is today. The cushion cut, as you could probably guess, looks a bit like a cushion. It has a squarish cut with round corners. Many people feel that this type of cut looks regal and provides a bit of vintage charm. Accordingly, it is a good choice for someone who likes a bit of old school charm.

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