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Are Diamonds Really Forever or is it Selling Diamonds that Makes Them Forever?

They say diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend. It is also said that diamonds are forever. I cannot recall what else but you get the picture; that for thousands of years, a lot has been said about diamonds. All kinds of romantic fairy tales and mythological beliefs have centred on them. Most of them magical, some a bit far-fetched and a few down right boring.  But the central idea is that their sentimental value is something many of us hold very dear. After all, a gift of the sort with diamonds is always very well treasured, valued and cherished for a long time as it becomes a centrepiece for great memories.

Are Diamonds Really Forever or is it Selling Diamonds that Makes Them Forever

Diamonds are a treasure. They have been for thousands of years. Their intrigue lies in their extraordinary beauty, their fascinating reflections that sparkle seductively. They are captivating and mesmerising, and yet their fragility amplifies their romance. They are also quite expensive. When one gets such a gift, or pampers themselves or a loved one with one of mother earth’s most precious stones, the value they hold, both sentimentally and in monetary terms is outstanding.

But since they are forever, they are to be kept forever, right? Well, it depends. If you really think of diamond jewellery as “forever” then perhaps you should never let them go, not especially when it comes to selling diamonds. But if you are like the rest of us, you would know that literally or figuratively, they are neither always your best friend nor “forever”. Ask any repair shop. Or, give another way of looking at it from the benefit of the doubt. There are other ways they can prove their friendship to you, and reproduce memories that will really go on forever.

Let us say you really are convinced that diamonds are forever. Well obviously not literally, but you like the sentimental and romantic idea that your diamond jewellery represents some of the most valuable memories. And that by selling diamonds later, for one reason or another, you are letting go of such memories. Does selling diamonds mean the letting go of what should otherwise be forever?

This also depends how you look at it.Many people have done it.Sold their precious, sometimes very expensive jewellery both to get rid of no longer relevant or wanted memories such as in cases of divorce, or simply because they needed money. The jewellery was stored away collecting dust while life went on, bringing with it new challenges every day. These people also loved and valued their diamond jewellery very deeply. They then eventually decided the value of the jewellery in their life can be converted to cash that will save them. The memories of the diamonds did not die here.Instead; they served an even greater purpose and have doubled their worth in the memory. Once they were beautiful jewellery but they sooner became another, more urgent kind of gift. Now that is a gift that keeps on giving.

So whether you believe diamonds are forever or not, you are right. Whether to sell diamonds or not does not have anything to do with those great memories. The precious jewellery can be sold so that it gives again in another form. Diamonds can, in any given case, be really your best friend!