Are You Emotionally Ready To Sell Your Jewellery?

Are You Emotionally Ready To Sell Your Jewellery?

Selling jewellery is as much of an emotional decision as it is one based on the need for money and when it comes to the ring your grandmother have you, the diamond necklace that was a gift from your spouse or even the bracelet you bought yourself, a lot of passion and intensity are tied up in the gold and jewels you keep.

If you’re thinking that the time has come to sell gold for cash, you may need to make yourself emotionally ready to do so first.

Deciding to sell gold jewellery is a decision that often comes with a tinge of regret. But when you need to make money in a hurry, this decision can’t wait on you being ready. To ensure you don’t make a decision to sell gold jewelry you’ll regret, consider the pieces you have. Obviously, the first ones to go should be those you don’t have a strong emotional tie to.

To sell the gold ring your father gave you for graduation is a far cry from selling the diamond brooch an old boyfriend gave you decades ago. Try to opt for the pieces you haven’t worn for a long time, and don’t intend to wear, as these are the ones you likely won’t feel bad about losing.

If you’re going to sell jewellery you do feel an emotional tie to, try writing about how you got the piece in a diary and drawing a diagram of it. If you have to sell jewels, you can at least hold onto the memories of how you got them. This will help you find some closure in the act of selling and may give you the strength you need to move forward.

Anyone who has been married and then divorced has probably thought, “Should I sell my diamond ring?” The easy answer is yes. If your marriage is over and there is no hope of getting back together, the ring is a symbol of your old life, a life in which you were obviously unhappy enough to want a divorce.

Selling a ring in this case can actually be emotionally freeing and may result in a proverbial weight being taken off your shoulders.

Making the decision to sell jewellery is not easy, and the act of doing so is very hard too. If you are going to sell your jewellery, try to do it in pieces, ranging from those that matter very little to you to those you have no choice but to sell. And don’t forget to consult the experts, Liquid Fin, when doing it to ensure you get the most value for money.