Whom can you trust?

Avoid pawnshops and faceless online buyers and deal with trusted companies when selling your diamonds.

Diamonds are one of the world’s most prized possessions, adored and passed as heirlooms throughout history. Desperate and stressful times may invite advantageous and unscrupulous characters especially when dealing with your precious jewellery. Turning to online buyers or your local pawnshop may give you a sense of control over the deal but it actually has the opposite consequence. There are many tales of low-balling and underhanded tactics by faceless profiles, as well as false, dishonest and unqualified appraisals in unsecured environments.

Using a company that’s primarily focused on buying your precious diamonds and are accountable to their reputation in the industry is the only way to mitigate against sour deals and faceless profiles. Companies that have immense industry experience will also have qualified and trained personnel that can adequately evaluate your diamonds as well as be able to facilitate the transaction in a safe environment. Using your local pawnshop also doesn’t allow safe and secure cashless payments.

Trusting a company such as Liquid Fin that are purely dedicated to buying, evaluating and facilitating the exchange of 2nd hand jewellery is the only way to have peace of mind and security. Liquid Fin’s staff are both qualified and professionally trained to appropriately evaluate your jewellery in order to get the best deal possible. In the interest of safety, not only for your precious diamonds but for yourself, Liquid Fin also offers free evaluations from the convenience and safety of your home.