Chocolate Diamonds

What are they and what are they worth?

Fortunately for diamond owners, the value of these precious stones is usually quite high, unlike some of the knock-off ornaments that appear on antiques shows on TV.  But some people aren’t sure how to find out the value of diamonds.

If you have any diamonds whose value you are unsure of, there are plenty of ways to discover their worth.  Diamond dealers like Liquid Fin provide free evaluation of diamonds, and can also provide useful insight into some of the lesser-known diamonds.  One such diamond is the chocolate diamond.

Chocolate diamonds are not necessarily a new discovery in the diamond world.  The phrase was actually invented by Le Vian jewellers, who used it in their marketing campaigns.  Chocolate diamonds are actually another form of brown diamonds, whose colour is also often referred to as cognac.

Chocolate diamonds can be coloured through artificial means or by their natural formation.  As with all coloured diamonds, the ones that are naturally coloured are worth slightly more.

What is the value of diamonds?

This depends on whether the diamond has been colour treated or not.  Colour treated diamonds are usually worth a bit less for a number of reasons; the most important being that these diamonds are often not of the highest quality to begin with.

Colour treatment is not to be looked down upon, and sometimes does not affect the value of a diamond.  However, the diamonds that are purchased already coloured are often of a lower grade.  The jewellers that colour diamonds have to begin with a white diamond, but know that the treatment can hide flaws.  This means that jewellers can use their imperfect diamonds for colouring, saving a great deal of money.  This brings down the value of coloured diamonds in general.

The marketing of diamonds has also caused the value of coloured diamonds to drop.  Because diamonds in adverts are always full of sparkling brilliance, people have come to accept that the best diamonds look like this.  Coloured diamonds are often more opaque, which lowers them in people’s regard.

What makes a high quality chocolate diamond?

Colour treatment actually makes it difficult to make chocolate diamonds.  Higher quality white diamonds will create a brilliant golden brown hue when colour treated.  The lower quality diamonds with more opacity turn a more chocolate brown when given the treatment.  So, if you want a high quality brown diamond, you might be better off buying a cognac diamond.

If you have a chocolate diamond at home, having it appraised will not be difficult.  Remember, Liquid Fin offers free evaluation of diamonds.  But, hopefully you now have a clearer idea as to the value of chocolate diamonds.

Image credit: austdiam