Choosing a dealer to sell your jewellery to

There is certainly no shortage of dealers and jewellers all promising the best prices for gold and diamond jewellery, but any smart consumer knows that though some of them are probably legitimate, others are more focused on profit than they are on customer service. When you find yourself thinking, “Where should I go to sell my diamond ring?” consider a dealer or reseller who has experience in their field, is reputable and who can give you advice as well as transact with you.

With regards to experience, gauging the skills that a dealer has is as simple as asking the question: can you help me sell my diamonds? The answer you get to this question will expose the skills and experience a dealer has immediately. If they seem unsure of the weight of a stone, can’t determine the karat value of the gold or try to weigh the entire piece to get an idea of the value of only the gold, they may not be good judges of jewellery or the value thereof. An experienced jeweller will be able to tell you a stone’s weight by looking at it, will know how to check for the value of gold and will also advise you regarding separating stones from their settings, if necessary.

It is also important to consider each dealer’s reputation. These days, the internet has made it easy to find out anything about anyone, so use the tools at your disposal to search for the dealer’s name, for complaints against them, for recommendations they may have gotten or even for their qualifications. If a dealer has not transacted satisfactorily with someone, a record will probably exist of it online, and this will serve as a warning to you to avoid them.

Finally, remember that no sale is final until you have cashed the cheque, so to speak. If at any point a dealer seems unreliable, contradicts him or herself, or can’t give you a straight answer, take your gold and walk away. In this vein, when dealing with any jewellery reseller, ask as many questions as you can and collect information. A good dealer, such as those at Liquid Fin, will work to help you understand the process, help you calculate the price you should be getting and point out the flaws and lack thereof prevalent in the items you bring in. Whether you want to sell rings you bought yourself, bracelets you received for a special occasion or even small pieces you’ve never worn that have been passed down through your family, make sure you speak to a dealer that is focused on giving you the best prices and advice, and not just on making a big profit for themselves.