Choosing diamond earrings

Choosing Diamond Earrings: What you Need to Know

Diamond earrings are a classic choice for a tasteful gift. The problem that often occurs though is that buying diamond earrings is not as simple as picking the biggest stone.

There is so much more to choosing the perfect pair of earrings than the stone. The first important aspect is that the store you are buying from needs to be reputable. If you plan to buy from a physical store or an online shop, go take a look at their online presence and what previous clients have had to say about their goods. For online stores, a credible shop will also be able to produce GIA certification for their diamonds.

This may seem like a lot of effort but, the fact remains, this is an investment that must be carefully considered. You don’t want to buy earrings at a phenomenal price and they end up being worthless when you try to sell diamond earrings to a reputable company like Liquid Finance.Choosing diamond earrings

Now for the stone. Take some time to read up on the four Cs of diamonds namely, the colour, clarity, cut and carats. Once you understand how each aspect comes into play, you will be able to make an informed decision.

The style of the diamond earrings is also important. It is a good idea to take the person’s face shape and preferences into account when choosing a style. For instance, round faces look better with an oval or longer diamond than one that is round while people with a petite build will look weighed down if the earrings are too big.

The last aspect that should be considered is the setting of the earrings. Gold, silver and platinum are all good options although it should be noted that to avoid allergic reactions, platinum is the best choice.

If you do end up choosing the wrong set of earrings, you can always sell diamond earrings in a safe setting to Liquid Finance.