selling your diamond jewellery

Why are Coloured Diamonds so Expensive?

Are you looking at selling your diamond jewellery? Before you try to sell, it’s important you understand not only the value of your jewellery, but why diamonds are so expensive. You may find that your jewellery is worth more than you realised.

Where do Diamonds Come From?

Diamonds are a precious jewel formed deep inside the earth billions of years ago, but not all make it to the surface. Diamonds were first discovered in India around 3000 years ago. It’s thought only around half of all diamonds mined are judged to be of gem quality. Each diamond takes a long journey from the earth before it gets to a woman’s finger. After the stone is mined it must be cleaned up, cut and polished. It’s then passed on to diamond markets where jewellers decide to sell them as loose diamonds or put into a setting and sold to a jewellery store.

What Gives a Diamond its Value?

The commercial approach to determining a diamond’s value tends to be based around the “4 Cs” – cut, clarity, colour and carat. Each of these qualities will affect how the diamond appears, such as its shape and shine. That’s why selling your diamond jewellery can be such a complex process. For some, it’s the beauty of the jewel which will determine its value. Of course, when set in jewellery such as engagement ring, a diamond’s value is often placed on what the diamond represents.

Are Coloured Diamonds More Expensive?

Diamonds come in thousands of different colours, not just white. However they are extremely rare – less than 0.1% of the number of mined diamonds. The most affordable colours are grey, brown and yellow. Bright, vivid yellows and oranges get a little pricier. The top end of the scale include pink, purple, green and blue diamonds because they are so rare.

And the most expensive diamond colour in the world?

Red! Without a doubt, red diamonds are the rarest colour of them all. In fact they’re so rare, pure red diamonds barely exist. The largest red diamond in the world is a 5.11-carat stone, known as the Moussaieff Red, which sold for around $8 million.

There’s a lot to think about and take into account when selling your diamond jewellery. So why not come into Liquid Fin and we’ll help you set the right price in a secure and private environment.

Main image credit: maxsecuritas.co.uk