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December Birthstone: Taking a Look at Tanzanite [Infographic]

When it comes to gemstones, tanzanite might be relatively new but it is definitely very popular. This beautiful gem is the birthstone for December and has a vivid colour and a high clarity, which gives it a great potential for cutting large stones. It is fairly rare and has an exquisite design that provides a variety of blue and violet colours.

There is a limited supply of tanzanite throughout the world, making it even more popular and valuable. It is estimated that tanzanite is at least 1000 times rarer than diamonds. Another interesting facts to consider is that tanzanite shows three different colours when viewed from different directions. These are blue, violet and burgundy.

Tanzanite has all the quality factors that you would look for in a gemstone. These include a deeply saturated blue colour, clear visibility and clarity, and a wide variety of cuts and shapes. The colour of tanzanite is less saturated so gems must be at least five carats or more to have fine colour. These are all great features that make tanzanite such a popular and valuable gemstone worldwide.

If you’ve found this interesting, have a look at the infographic below for more information on the beautiful gemstone Tanzanite:

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Main image credit: Jessa Dow-Anderson via Flickr