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Diamonds are April’s best friend

Looking to sell your jewellery? You likely have some lovely diamond pieces you’d rather trade in for cash. If so, learn a little more about this exquisite gem, which is also the birthstone of April, here.

While a man’s best friend is a dog, girls choose a slightly more expensive option. We’re talking about diamonds.

While many girls love diamonds, only a lucky few get to have it as their birthstone for April. Not only is it the most sought-after stone in the world, but we bet you didn’t know it is also one of the hardest substances in nature. Pretty but tough – we like it!

Approximately US$13 billion worth of rough diamonds are produced every year, 65% of which are mined in Africa. 30% of that US$13 billion is used for jewellery, the other 70% is used for industrial purposes. The main reasons why it is used for industrial products is due to its effective heat conduction and resistance to most acids and chemicals.

There’s a reason why the saying, “Diamonds are forever,” exists. This is because diamonds formed within the Earth about 3.3 billion years ago due to extreme heat and pressure, and still hold strong.

The history of the birthstone dates back to 1912. Some cultures believe it have originated from the breastplate of Aaron, which represented twelve gemstones correlating to the twelve tribes of Israel. Unlike today, the purpose of gemstones during ancient times was purely therapeutic; wearing a gemstone during its birth month was believed to heighten its healing powers.

Individuals had to possess all twelve stones in order for the full effect to take place. The April birthstone is thought to provide the owner with better relationships and increase inner strength. Diamonds also signify balance, clarity and abundance.

Further, it is also reckoned to be the king of all gemstones due to its popular demand and beauty; the diamond is the perfect jewel to gift during any month, we say.


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