Diamonds Are Not Always Forever

There are times in each person’s life where financial planning and budgeting go awry, and we need money then and there in order to simply keep going. It is at times like these when the only way may be the option of selling diamonds and gold jewellery, and we must let go of the sentimental value that these items hold for us.

When we do have prized possessions like this, we often place more value in them than they are worth. This happens to everybody when they attach an emotion to a possession, such as when it comes to selling our homes; raising children and creating a family in a house will add to its value for us, but unfortunately, those who buy the house do not attach the same worth to it, and so supply must meet demand at a fair price. This also goes for selling diamond jewellery and other precious items.

When selling a diamond or diamond ring, many people have the misconception that they will receive more for their jewellery than what they originally paid for it. However, this is not the case. Diamonds are like any retail good, and they lose value over time. When it comes to appraising diamonds, many people are aware of the “four Cs”, as seen in the infographic below:

selling diamonds

However, often people receive a nasty shock when their diamonds are valuated and the worth does not align with what they believe. Setting a realistic price in your mind is important when selling diamonds. Reputable jewellery buying companies like Liquid Fin are not interested in taking advantage of people, although there are fly-by-night businesses out there that do aim to do this.

Rather, at Liquid Fin, we believe in reaching a price that is fair for all parties involved. Therefore, our clients receive exactly what their precious jewellery is worth. We offer obligation-free valuations, and we will never inflate nor underestimate the value of your jewellery.