Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend

Now we all know how important it is to find the perfect engagement ring for the women in our lives, but does anyone think of the men? In our ever evolving society, men are being more open about their desire for adornment and are flaunting their precious baubles, and these gentleman are not the type to attempt selling unwanted gold jewellery.

Wedding rings for men

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The modern man is no longer obsessed with the perceived need for machismo, this man not only enjoys but also desires to express his commitment to his betrothed, and if he gets to revel in bling, even better. Engagement rings for men don’t necessarily follow the same rules as those of women, and are available in a variety of metals, most notably platinum, gold, and titanium. Diamonds and gemstones do make an appearance, but tend to either be accents in the smooth lines of an elegant band, or a bold statement in a chunkier ring, a ring for the “man’s man”, if you will. If you’re looking into selling gold jewellery, men’s engagement rings are not a bad idea.

Another strong trend in the men’s engagement ring sphere is the black ring, absolutely nothing says cool and suave like a black ring, especially when accented by a string of rubies or diamonds like in the examples below, this is the ring James Bond would wear, were he inclined to wed.

how to pick perfect engagment ring for mr right

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Gold rings

Anyone employed in selling gold jewellery will tell you that gold is the classic, traditional option for engagement rings, particularly when paired with a diamond or 10.

gold rings for men


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diamond and gold ring for men


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yellow gold engagement ring for men

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collection of men gold wedding rings

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mens wedding bands


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black and white mens engagement ring


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Platinum rings

Platinum is cool, and crisp. A firm modern favourite for engagement rings and wedding bands.


diamond eternaty mens platinum


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mens ring


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cheap engagement rings for men

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Black rings

Composed of titanium, black engagement rings are the height of suave sophistication, no man could resist one of these beauties, especially when partnered with a black diamond.


black diamond ring mens

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mens+black diamond rings

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modern art scream black stainless steel mens ring band

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mens ceramic wedding rings

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black tungsten carbide ring


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diamond rings black titanium mens ring

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Unusual rings



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