From pharaohs to astronauts, our civilization has been built upon gold!

The manipulation of gold by human hands can be traced back as far as humankind itself. History tends to display characteristics of continuity and that continuity can be best displayed by the fact that humans throughout history have recognized the value of gold beyond its alluring colour.

All the gold mined since the dawn of history could approximately fill a 20x20m cube. The sheer labour required to extract ore and produce gold is immense. On average, an 860kg ore deposit would reliably produce 30g of pure gold. It’s precisely this finite and exhaustive quality that led the conquistadors in search of tales of “El Dorado”, the City of Gold. Even civilizations culturally and geographically apart that were isolated from each other for millennia had formed similar cultural practices around gold.

Gold has always been a determinable factor of wealth, status and reliability throughout history. It’s been the standard currency since proto-Greco cultures in Asia Minor, until the introduction of paper currency as being a receipt for redeemable gold bullion. Up until the 1930s, the US dollar was backed by a gold standard, whereby the bearer was permitted to redeem it by the gold equivalent.

While over 70% of gold today goes towards jewellery, 30% goes towards the manufacturing of electronics and medical instruments. From your smartphone motherboard to the protective coating against electromagnetic radiation of satellites. Gold is by far the most reliable commodity investment

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