most expensive engagment ring

Engagement Rings That Broke the Bank

Living in the public spotlight can be quite an exhilarating experience, with your every move scrutinized by millions, not to mention being constantly hounded by the paparazzi. This includes celebrity couples who want to tie the knot, and the more expensive the engagement ring, the juicier the story. Social media, radio stations and glam magazines live for those moments where engagements are revealed just to see what bling the future bride has received.

Here are our Top 5 celebrity engagement rings that broke the bank:

Mariah Carey  $2.5 million









Elizabeth Taylor $3 million

elizabeth taylor engagement ring









Jennifer Lopez $2.5 million

jennifer lopez engagement ring









Jacqueline Kennedy $2.6 million











Beyoncé Knowles $5 million








Some celebrity marriages are matches made in heaven, others aren’t. Selling diamond jewellery at auctions once those relationships end, keeps those diamonds in public circulation, meaning that we still get to see them pop up every now and again.  Selling engagement rings is one way of empowering yourself after a bitter break up.