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Everything you need to Know about Buying and Selling Jewellery at Auction

So he’s finally proposed – in a fancy restaurant surrounded by strangers or by whisking you up in a hot air balloon and spelling it out in sparklers. Whatever the method, the next step has got to be selecting the ring, and of course the jewellery will have to be just as special as the proposal.

Many people consider a plush jewellery store to be the correct place to buy and sell jewellery, without even considering the other alternatives. When searching for that special ‘I do” piece, more and more brides are going vintage, and opting instead for antique rings. With antiques, you are more likely to find people buying and selling jewellery through auction houses or even auction websites. You’re likely to get better value for money and find pieces that will hold their value better in the long run.

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Many women prefer antique jewellery because of its added character, sense of history or its unique rarity. In general, antique jewellery must date back at least 100 years. Diamonds, of course, are always in high demand, but so are many other gems that were far more frequently used historically than they are now. You might even forgo the diamond altogether and go for a Burmese ruby or a beautiful Columbian emerald.

In the antiques game, before selling jewellery can even take place, some gems need to have a laboratory certification to ensure that they are natural and untreated. This is especially true in the case of natural pearls, whose value has skyrocketed in recent years due to their rarity, as well as the abundance of cultivated pearls, seen as somewhat less luxurious a product.

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When considering jewellery as an investment, it is important to ask yourself two questions – “is it wearable, and how would it be received at auction?”

Buying from a reputable auction house is a great way to find what you want, as they have masses of new stock moving through every day, and they include detailed condition reports, listing any damage the item may have suffered and any repairs that may have been performed.

The internet has revolutionised the auction business, making it easier and less intimidating than ever before to bid on an item. In most high-stakes auctions these days, bids are taken from attendees, telephones and the internet simultaneously. It also used to be a golden rule not to purchase jewellery that you have not been able to handle in person, but with the advances in photography and high quality imaging, you can see every tiny detail from your laptop at home.

We all want to find that special piece of jewellery that our loved one will cherish for a lifetime, and auctions offer a great way to find these unique items and also provide opportunities to get a good bargain while you’re at it!

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