Fancy Colour Diamonds

fancy color diamonds

A brief look at coloured diamonds and how to determine their worth.

What may seem logical to the layperson may not always apply to jewellery buyers, and this is because jewellery buyers have a wealth of industry experience on which to draw.  A great case in point is the factor of colour in diamonds.

The addition of colour into many things, like movies and magazines, was a big breakthrough and thus seems more valuable to people.  However, in terms of diamonds, colour can decrease value.  This is certainly the case with the normal range of diamonds, where colourless diamonds are rarer and therefore more valuable.  This is why, though coloured diamonds look pleasing to the eye, jewellery buyers in Johannesburg will pay more for colourless diamonds.

This principal, however, does not apply to fancy coloured diamonds, which are outside the normal range of diamonds.  In fact, the value of fancy coloured diamonds often depends on colour saturation.  For example, the most valuable fancy coloured diamonds are saturated blues, greens, and pinks.

As with diamonds in the normal range, value and rarity depends on colour.  However, with the fancy coloured diamond range it is the presence of colour that makes these diamonds rare.

 How fancy colour diamonds are graded

Grading fancy colour diamonds is a very involved process, and takes more than a glance to determine value.  In fact, in order to grade a fancy coloured diamond, the diamond must undergo a laboratory process.

Once the colour of the diamond has been determined, the diamond is ranked using the GIA system for fancy colour diamond grading.

This system takes into account that coloured diamonds have differing saturation levels, and that these levels differ between colours.  For example, blue diamonds do not have a variety of saturation levels, while yellow diamonds have a large range.  However, it is simply their rarity that makes fancy blue diamonds more valuable than yellow ones.

There are various categories of colour attributable to saturation, these being fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, and fancy vivid.  Fancy light is the least saturated, and least valuable, while fancy vivid diamonds are the most valuable and rare.  Fancy blue diamonds are often well saturated, and thus extremely valuable.

So, if you have any coloured diamonds and are unsure of their worth, why not have them appraised by some jewellery buyers in Johannesburg?  You may be in store for some very good news.

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