Five of the most Incredible Uses for Gold

For most of us, gold is a precious metal that we see in our jewellery. Most of us don’t make a habit of selling gold in South Africa, but those who do, know that this shining, gleaming metal has many more uses other than just being an attractive feature in a trinket. Let’s have a look at some of these weird and wonderful uses for gold below:

1. Surgery

Despite how strange this may seem, it’s estimated that gold has actually been used in medicine for thousands of years. Regardless of the many rappers we see on YouTube with gold teeth and grills, there is a practical reason for using gold in surgery – it is a hardy metal that doesn’t corrode easily and the risk of infection is minimised with it.


Image credit: http://jacksparrowcostuming.wikispaces.com/Beard+and+Makeup

2. Space

Gold is used frequently in space as it protects objects and people from getting too hot. This is incredibly important because, in space, the sun transmits heat via radiation, thus equipment, such as astronauts’ visors, is coated in gold.

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Image credit: http://brickset.com/article/9058

3. Cosmetics

This is another use for gold that, while it seems extravagant, it’s been rumoured to have been used for centuries. Cleopatra, the infamous Egyptian queen supposedly applied gold face masks. These days, face masks made of gold are fairly common and purportedly clear wrinkles from even the most weathered faces.

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Image credit: http://www.orogoldcosmetics.com/blog/gold-facial-masks/

4. Food

It’s quite surprising how many decadent foods out there contain gold. Of course, none of it is for any kind of nutritional benefit, but there are people who are willing to spend crazy money on a gold ice cream sundae or a golden lollipop.

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Image credit: CNBC

5. Pet Beds

Yes, people are buying golden pet beds. These mattresses are threaded with gold and supposedly have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. In plain English, this means that your pooch may be less susceptible to mites and fleas in his bed. At a retail price starting at $1000, they’d better be!

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Image credit: Guglielmo de’ Micheli for The New York Times

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