Free evaluation when selling jewellery

Even if you’re not quite ready to sell jewellery, sell gold or diamonds that you haven’t worn in a while, you’re welcome to bring them in to us for a free evaluation.

We offer evaluations for insurance purposes and also to give you an idea of what selling jewellery that is lying around your house could bring you.

free evaluation of jewellery | Selling Jewellery | Liquid Fin

Give us a call and we’ll make an appointment to meet for an evaluation. There is no obligation to sell jewellery to us but if you do end up deciding that you want to sell jewellery that is unwanted or broken you can sell it then and there and you will receive money instantly in the form of a secure EFT.

We offer a service to divorced and deceased estates to evaluate Gold, Diamonds, Jewellery, watches, etc at fair market value as well as offer to purchase or auction off these items. We can do this in the safety, security and privacy of the attorneys offices.

You’ll find our offices are very safe, secure and discreet -the ideal setting to sell gold, diamonds and jewellery. 

Contact Liquid fin today!