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Gemstone Colours and their Meanings around the World

If you’ve been looking around, thinking about selling jewellery to a reputable buyer, you’ve come to the right place. As a top jewellery buyer in Johannesburg, we take all factors into consideration when appraising gems and jewellery. We understand that for most people, their jewellery is more than just a trinket – it is a cherished memory. But did you know that, aside from our own personal meanings for jewellery, a gemstone may hold significance for a particular culture?

With numerous cultures in existence, for centuries people have ascribed meanings to just about everything in their environment, and the beautiful gems and minerals that we dig up and mine are no different. Indeed, eye-catching artefacts tend to hold more value for people than most other things.

Have a look below for some common meanings attributed different gems and gem colours:


This colour signifies courage and vitality. In China, red is a particularly special colour, signifying joy and prosperity. Further, red gemstones are some of the rarest and their appealing colour is most prized. Some red gemstones include ruby, tourmaline, garnet and andesine. Below is an image of a ruby:

jewellery ruby

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Blue is regularly associated with serenity and calmness in many cultures. Some more well-known blue gems are sapphires, aquamarine, topaz, lapis lazuli, tourmaline and fluorite. Below is a picture of tourmaline:

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This colour symbolises love and beauty to many people. Some more popular gems that are pink are tourmaline, kunzite, and spinel. See below a picture of kunzite:

kunzite jewellery

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Lush green gemstones are hugely popular around the world, and for many, they represent wealth, fertility and nature. Green gems include emerald, garnet, peridot, jade and sapphires. Below is a picture of a peridot necklace:

jewellery peridot

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While yellow gemstones are fairly common, they are certainly in high demand all over the globe. They signify creativity for many. Some well-known yellow gemstones are citrine, beryl, agate and diamond. Below is an image of a majestic pair of citrine earrings:

selling jewellery citrine

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Frequently the colour of royalty, purple gems are often the centrepieces of extravagant and lavish jewellery. Amethyst, sapphire and fluorite are all good examples of beautiful purple-hued gems. See below an image of amethysts:

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No list of gems can be complete without giving diamonds a mention. The most popular white gemstone, diamonds are perhaps the most prized popular gems in the world. They signify purity and cleanliness, and are often used in engagement rings in western culture.

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There are more shades and hues of gems than we could possible ever count. Luckily, no matter what colour your gems, Liquid Fin will offer you a fair price if you ever consider selling your jewellery. Contact us today for an accurate appraisal on your beloved jewellery.