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Gemstone in Focus: Opal [Infographic]

Image credit: James Petts via Flickr

If you’ve been thinking recently, “Where can I sell my jewellery?” you have certainly arrived at the right place. At Liquid Fin, we offer a secure environment for people to comfortably sell their precious jewels and gems.

Jewellery often has a hefty sentimental value attached to it and we understand that it can be hard to sell your pieces. But above the personal significance of jewellery, did you know that many gems have their own meanings in different cultures around the world? For example, some gems are assigned a specific month, and these allocated months bear significance to certain people. When discussing these gems in terms of their months, they are known as birthstones.

We thought it would be fun to look at the cultural significance for this month’s birthstone – Opal – as well as the origins and history of this precious gem. If you’ve asked yourself, “Where can I sell my jewellery?” and you have trinkets with opals, then this is for you.

Opal is deposited in various rock formations and is found most commonly in Australia. In fact, it is Australia’s national gemstone.

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 Image credit: Brilliance (edited) 

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Image credit: Chan Luu Birthstone Collection (edited)

Due to its internal structure, opal diffracts light, which is what gives it its characteristic sheen and play of light. It can come in many different colours including: white, red, green, clear, yellow, orange, and many more. It is one of the most colourful gems found on earth.

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Opals truly deserve the title of being a precious gem – they are fascinating simply to look at.

Regardless of their significance to different cultures around the world, no one can deny their beauty and majesty.

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Image credit: Brilliance (edited)

At Liquid Fin, we specialise in advising clients on how to sell jewellery, and we will purchase your items at fair prices.

If you’re unsure of the validity of jewellery buyers and have been wondering, “Where can I sell my jewellery safely?” your search has ended. Come visit us at our professional offices to sell your pieces today.