Helpful hints to make your online jewellery sale easier

Thinking it’s about time to sell diamond jewellery you don’t wear anymore? How about the rings, bracelets and necklaces of pure gold that sits in your jewellery box day after day? While these assets are certainly valuable and may accrue more value over time, cashing them in for quick money can be very beneficial. With this in mind, consider visiting the online site of jewellery reseller or dealer, a much faster and more efficient way of getting your items assessed and sold. However, be sure to keep in mind a few helpful tips to make the whole process run smoothly.

First, remember that an online service cannot value items unless they see them. Want to sell a diamond ring? You’ll need to post it or courier it to the dealer, but before you stick it into an envelope and send it on its merry way, insure it. A short-term insurance plan for your valuable item ensures that when you sell diamonds, gold and other precious jewellery items, you’re covered in case the worst happens. A postal strike, a broken down courier or even a light-fingered employee at an untrustworthy dealer, are all very real dangers. Insurance on the item will give you peace of mind.

Once you have dealt with the insurance, send just one item to the supplier. Make sure it is a relatively cheap item too and one that does not hold much sentimental value. When you are trying out the services of a dealer, you need to ensure they are worthy of your finer pieces. This exercise gives you a very clear idea of their ethics, their skills and how much money they will offer you.

Finally, don’t forget to check the tax implications of selling your items. If you have a large cache of inherited gems and precious metals, and you are ready to swap diamonds and gold for cold, hard cash, you may have to pay a capital gains tax on the items. Speak to your accountant or to the dealer about this, as both may have some experience working with people who have had to face the tax man when they wanted to sell diamonds for cash. In terms of an online sale, a large deposit into your bank account from an online business is sure to draw attention, so don’t think that you can hide the sale.

Remember that there are trusted dealers, such as Liquid Fin, who can help you make the most of selling your items, so be sure to browse around their site, call them and ask them questions and keep up to date with news that could affect you when you sell to a diamond jewellery.