messy jewelry

How the KonMari Method can declutter your jewellery collection and fill your bank account.

Marie Kondo is a game-changer when it comes to organization and simplifying your life. Her methodology is incredibly easy to follow and can be as financially rewarding as it is soothing to the mind. You can learn more about the KonMari™ Method here.

Let’s apply her system to your jewellery box; the messier, the better. Chances are, you have a select few favourites that you rotate through, while the majority just sits around and gathers dust.

Begin by picking each piece of jewellery up, and taking a few moments to consider what it means to you. What is your connection to this object? What emotions does it stir in you? The most critical thing to think about is, “Does it bring me joy?”

Each item will bring up a different emotional response in you, depending on what memories are tied to them. If a ring makes you feel sad, it may be best to part ways with it. If that necklace makes you smile with nostalgia, hold onto it.

Since jewellery can be so sentimental, it can often make the process easier to ponder if you want to hold on to the emotion attached to the piece, compared to the piece itself. This way, you will find that as your jewellery collection declutters, so too will emotional baggage and painful memories.

That is the magic of the KonMari™ Method, which cleans you from the inside while you clean up the external things around you.

Once you have gone through your collection, take a moment to appreciate the items you will part ways with. Thank them for their time and for the memories and lessons they taught you. Liquid Fin will gladly take your unwanted jewellery from you, and pay you handsomely in return. Liquid Fin also offers free evaluations, so you can check the worth of the pieces you keep.