How Selling Gold Could Have Helped Frodo?

Selling Gold

Most of us know how the journey of Frodo and the Fellowship of the Ring went in the epic adventure The Lord of the Rings, there are however a couple of theories of how he could have avoided such an arduous journey. One theory involves in recruiting the Eagles who saved him and Sam from certain death at the foot of Mount Doom, to have gone and drop the Ring of Power in burning fires from whence it came without them having to walk all the way, another theory includes selling it.

The Ring of Power was a very rare commodity which many wanted, those include the Dark Lord Sauron and the Gollum, the creature suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder due to the long term effects of owning it (unwanted jewellery can make you crazy). With so many people looking for the genuine article it created a market where selling gold and jewellery became a measurement of power in Middle Earth. The demand for the Ring of Power weighed heavily on the fellowship which had disastrous consequences for the kingdoms of Rohan and Gondor. If Frodo sold the Ring to the highest bidder it would probably have been the Steward the Gondor who would be able to beat the highest price.

Sure the story would take a dramatic turn, and author J.R.R Tolkien will probably turn in his grave if he ever read this. Frodo would use his new found fortune to install state-of-the-art security at his hobbit-hole in the Shire, where he could spend his days peacefully drinking mead with his friends and eating all day, as hobbits do. The biggest challenge Frodo would have to overcome is finding a reputable jeweler that could help him complete the sale. If a bearded old man, with a wizards pointy hat and staff told you what to do with the jewellery you want to sell, you’d immediately walk away, the same applies to this day and age, when selling gold or your ‘precious’ remember to use a reputable dealer to help you avoid any pitfalls.