Liquid Fin shares how Shintoism influences the KonMari Method to help you declutter.

We’ve all probably heard about tidying titan Marie Kondo, even if we haven’t all swept through our houses with her clutter-busting KonMari Method.

The KonMari Method is a system of sorting through your belongings and keeping only those which bring you joy. To learn more about the method, click here.

While you might already know this, you may not have known that Shintoism informed a lot of the method. Shintoism is a Japanese traditional religion that places emphasis on cleanliness, order, and clarity of mind. Another concept of Shintoism is treating your possessions with respect. That’s why, when following the KonMari Method, you might like to ponder how your shirt would like to be folded and thank anything you throw away for the time it spent serving you.

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