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How to sell gold and diamonds

Life has a way of throwing curve-balls our way. Whether we’re in a bit of a financial bind, freeing ourselves of painful reminders after a bad break up or ending a marriage, or simply looking for a change; there comes a time when we may want or need to sell our gold and diamond jewellery.

But, how to sell gold and diamonds? Where do you even start? The process is actually easier than you think, and with a bit of savvy and research, you can get the best possible price for your trinkets, baubles and mementos.

Selling your gold pieces is a bit easier as they will generally have a stamp indicating the quality of the gold. Before you do anything, check the current market share price for gold to give you an idea of the market value. Of course you won’t get this price for your old jewellery, but it gives you an indication of the absolute maximum. Bear in mind, gold buyers will still want to make a profit and the gold price does fluctuate daily. Take a good look at your piece or pieces; if they’re broken or tarnished, your best bet would be to send them to gold re-sellers for melting. If you go this route, be sure to separate any diamonds or gemstones on these.



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If your pieces are antique or designer, on the other hand, you will most likely get more money for them intact. Do your homework.

Selling diamonds is a whole different story, though. Always get these appraised by a professional and then look around for a few different offers. Many diamond appraisers will take a look at your gems and offer you a decent price. The important thing is to set realistic expectations and try remove sentiment from the equation.  Your piece may have meant a lot to you on an emotional level but this has no bearing on the market value, unfortunately. If you’re in a hurry or unsure of the steps to take, your best option will be to sell within the jewellery industry. Diamond buyers know how to sell gold and diamonds and will turn it around a lot quicker than you might in private sales; but again, shop around for comparative quotes.


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