How to sell gold & diamonds to Liquid Fin

When you have finally decided to sell diamonds or unwanted jewellery to Liquid Fin, half of the work has already been done. You know that you are going to get a good price, friendly service and a secure, private sales setting.

Simply use the appointment form, call or email us to set up an appointment to sell gold jewellery you no longer want.

One of our friendly jewellery buyers will confirm a convenient time for your appointment and then you simply need to come to our offices in the secure Diamond Center in Johannesburg or our secure offices in Cape Town where you can sell diamonds in a private, discrete and safe setting.

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Safety and privacy are an important concern when selling gold, jewellery or diamonds and we do our utmost to ensure it is an enjoyable experience for our customers.

During the appointment, we will evaluate your gold, diamond or platinum jewellery as well as coins using our top of the range testing equipment. We back this up with a wealth of experience in the diamond and jewellery business to offer you the best price and safest experience when selling gold and diamond jewellery to Liquid Fin.

We’ll make you an offer straight away and if you opt to sell gold or diamond jewellery to us, we will conduct an immediate bank transfer which you can verify has reflected in your account.

how to sell diamonds | Liquid Fin Please note that in order to ensure that the process of selling diamonds and unwanted gold jewellery remains secure, we verify the identification of potential customers when they arrive at the Liquid Fin offices.

When selling jewellery it is always best to have security be a top priority and we do this for your safety as well as ours.