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Is Wearable Technology Changing the Jewellery Industry?

Technology is a wonderful thing, it has changed the information landscape completely and how we interact with each other. Technology like smartphones, tablets and automated home-systems have however become more than must have accessories and tools. They have become fashion items making a personal statement on your lifestyle and how you want the world to perceive you. It might sound vain, but that’s the truth of it.

Information sharing is now not only used for business purposes but for personal use too. With everything developing into next generation technology, it’s about time jewellery gets the same treatment. We’ve already seen how Google Glass and smart watches have flooded the market of wearable technology, but soon bracelets, cufflinks and necklaces will all get a technological makeover.

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With your jewellery able to track your movements, capture special moments and or just make you stand out from the rest of the crowd with its capabilities it is really out with the old and in with the new. It is like you are living in your own spy-movie as all those nifty gadgets we used to see in movies like James Bond is now being released in the market.  And you’d be dead wrong if you thought it was just for boys and their toys, this trend of wearable technology is making waves in the jewellery industry as fashion designers are starting to incorporate it with their designs already.

Don’t be surprised if you watch an interview on the red carpet and the interviewer asks the celebrity who they are wearing and the answer is Apple or Samsung. Now would be a good time to sell your jewellery to make room for the latest innovations to make its appearance at a jewellery shop near you.