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Jewelry Buyers See Resurgence in Antique Pieces

Image credit: Bill Young via Flickr

As leading jewelry buyers in Gauteng, at Liquid Fin, we have seen tastes and styles change over the years. One such change we have seen is a recent resurgence in favour of antique jewelry.
Some of the most stunning pieces of jewelry are antique pieces – some are ornate and extravagant, others are simple and charming, but all of them hold their own sentimental and physical value.

Jewelry buyers have seen trends come and go and we know that much of what is taken into account when valuating jewelry is the popularity of the piece at the time. This is due to supply and demand – items that are not in demand will not have a high value. This was the case for a long time with antique jewelry. Often, when pieces were sold, they were immediately melted down and crafted into entirely different, more modern items. However, nowadays, with the increasing popularity of vintage jewelry, many of these pieces hold value in their own right.

Of course, vintage jewelry often presents a more difficult and subjective aspect to how a valuator goes about appraising a piece – the sentimental and historical values of the item are sometimes considered. Like it or not, this is not typically a factor that a jewelry or gold buyer will take into account, which is often to the dismay of the client. But the truth is that most people, when looking at others’ jewelry, will not consider the personal, sentimental aspect; they just want to buy it at its strict market value.

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Today, the value and worth of an antique piece can be measured both in the physical components that make it up (the gold and gems etc.) and the time in history that it reflects. The craftsmanship, unique to a period in history for example, may make an item particularly rare and therefore valuable.

jewellery buyers

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Indeed, antique jewelry is once again beginning to influence modern jewellers. Baroque fashion is inspiring today’s artists and consumers are loving the upswing in the vintage style.

If you have wondered about the value of some of your antique items of jewelry, why not bring them around to Liquid Fin for a fair and expert appraisal? We are jewelry buyers who purchase any and all items, whether rare and vintage, or loose diamonds, or if you’re looking for gold buyers, we will make you an accurate offer for your items.