Jewelry Selling – What Process Does Gold Go Through to Become Jewelry?

Jewelry selling can be a tough process, particularly if you’ve never done it before. Even if we don’t factor in the fluctuating market value of our jewelry, we also attach significant personal and sentimental value to our pieces, so we want to ensure that they are sold for a price that we deem to be fair.

Most of us only truly look at the value of our jewelry once we are ready to sell it, or when we need it appraised for insurance purposes, but the truth is that it is valuable before if ever even leaves the ground. For example, gold is not only valuable when one is jewelry selling – it is worth a great deal on its own, before it’s processed.

Gold is processed into bullions (bars) once it has been extracted from the ground, and these are traded for investment purposes or are sold to jewelry makers the world over.

When we look at the stages that gold goes through to get from earth to earrings, it is quite fascinating to see just how this metal is transformed into the beautiful pieces we wear. Have a look below at a comparison between unprocessed gold found within rock, and a pair of earrings:

jewelry selling

We found an infographic that perfectly reflects the process that gold goes through to become an item of jewelry. Have a look:

jewelry selling


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