Liquid Finance - The Best Jewellery Buyers in South Africa

Liquid Finance – The Best Jewellery Buyers in South Africa

When was the last time that you took inventory regarding your jewellery? Maybe it is time to get rid of those old, outdated pieces that have now been replaced with new, modern jewellery. As with fashion, jewellery design styles come and go. Some styles tend to be more classic, but then there are styles that were fashionable for only a short period of time and are now only a distant memory. Your gold jewellery has the potential to make you money.

The best way to get rid of all of the unwanted jewellery is to sell it. Have you ever wanted to put on a pair of earrings, but can find only one? We all have those few unpaired earrings or a broken chain that cannot be fixed, but we still keep it in our jewellery boxes. Liquid Finance has the perfect solution to this problem.

We are jewellery buyers that will buy all your unwanted or no longer needed gold, platinum or diamond jewellery. This includes the broken ones you have no idea what to do with. So many of us have gold coins tucked away safely somewhere. These gold coins can be turned into instant money when sold to Liquid Finance.

Diamonds are treated unfairly if they are not exposed in the open for everyone to see. But, because of crime, diamonds are usually stored in a safe. Selling diamond jewellery can be more profitable in the end than having a piece of jewellery you are reluctant to wear. Make an appointment for a free evaluation and see for yourself what treasures have been boxed away. There are no obligations to sell, only the opportunity to make money.

Liquid Finance is a licensed jewellery buyer that will turn jewellery into instant cash. If you are willing to part with your possessions, call 087 5503484 or e-mail us make an appointment at our offices in the Diamond Centre, located in Johannesburg. One main concern in selling gold and diamond is safety.

That is why we are located at a secure office building and not at a shop. During the appointment, the jewellery and coins will be evaluated with high tech test equipment. Do not hesitate to turn unwanted jewellery into money. This might be the easiest way to earn cash and de-clutter at the same time.