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March’s Birthstones: Steeped in Mystery

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March Birthstones

The month of March is upon us and so it is time to take a look at gorgeous March birthstones. The birthstones of the month are the magical bloodstone and fashionable aquamarine.


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Credit: http://www.pearlsinternational.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/bloodstone-gem-309780a.jpg

The bloodstone is a deep dark green jasper that is dotted with intense red spots made up of iron oxide. The stunning ancient stone was used by the Babylonians to create intricate and lavish amulets and seals. The stone was also believed to be enchanted with healing powers and was most often given to those suffering with blood disorders.

The bloodstone is also referred to as the Martyr’s Stone. As legend has it, the stone came into being when Christ’s blood spilled and stained the jasper that lay at the foot of the cross. The legend and mythology behind the stone are simply magical.

The bloodstone is found embedded in riverbeds or in rocks and is primarily sourced in Brazil, Australia and India.


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Credit: http://qualitygems.biz/file/2014/07/30/aquamarine_gemstone_1.jpg

The enchanting stone aquamarine, originates from the Latin word ‘aqua,’ meaning water.
It was believed that this stone had the ability to protect sailors from the chaotic elements that culminated at sea. The calming colour of the gemstone was believed to calm tempers, giving the wearer a level head and sense of calm.

Aquamarine is a popular must-have accessory. The gorgeous pale blue colour of the gemstone compliments summer and spring fashions. The gemstone is mined in Brazil and can also be found in Nigeria, Zambia, Madagascar, Pakistan, and Mozambique.

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