Most Expensive Jewellery

Most Expensive Jewellery in the World

While many of you can share a story or two about digging very deep into humble pockets to purchase jewellery at some point in our lives, not a lot of us can pin point jewellery collections that can be exchanged for an entire lifetime of never having to lift a finger up again. Carats are to die for. And if you know a few movies about diamonds, you will know that that statement can be quite literal! Here is a list of the most expensive jewellery on the planet right now.

The Diamond Bikini

Unfortunately a great bikini body is sometimes not the only requirement for you to get into a bikini! Sometimes US $ 30 million is the damage. As with this barely there bikini, made of nothing but diamonds! Try this on and you are a bound to need a helicopter nearby for safety.

 Titanic Heart of the Ocean

When asked whether you have a neck for something, normally it is your guts been referred to. But for some lucky people, this question would refer to whether their necks would be able to put up with this diamond heavy necklace valued at over $20 million (R 200 million), making it the world’s most expensive necklace.

White diamond by Sotheby’s

Sotheby maintains an intact reputation as one of the oldest auction houses in the history of auctions. They host this beautiful diamond piece valued at an estimated $23 million. The diamond boasts 100 carats, all mounted on a ring. Considered one of the most beautiful and most sought after diamonds in the world, this diamond can be sold at enough value for you to spend the rest of your life buying cars to kill time.

Chopard’s Blue Diamond Ring

The rich get whatever they want. And this incredibly beautiful blue diamond ring worth over $16 million (R 160 million) is not off limits for some people.

Hear Shape by Burma ruby necklace

Where heavy on my heart refers to the state of being emotionally overwhelmed for most of us, access to this 41 155 carat diamond could mean something completely. But $14 million would have to be coughed out first…