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Most Expensive Gems in the World [Infographic]

Image credit: Professional Jeweller 

When a person wants to sell jewellery, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the worth and value of that jewellery, so that you know when you have or have not been offered a fair price for it. This is applicable to all kinds of jewellery, whether you want to sell diamonds or gold.

To help our clients understand the varying values of gemstones around the world, we found this thought-provoking infographic on the most expensive gemstones known to humans. You might not have heard of all of these gems, but they’re all stunningly beautiful.

Paraiba Tourmaline, for example, is simply exquisite – it has a glow that can be seen from far away and so it’s no wonder it is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. It’s interesting to note that these gems were not actually discovered until the 1980s and they come in different colours ranging between emerald green and to blue.

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Images credit: Professional Jeweller & Susan Schwartz GG

Another magnificent gem is, of course, the sapphire. One of the most appealing aspects of sapphires is that they come in several different colours, so they suit almost every taste, whether you’re into a warm orange or red, or you prefer a cool blue, no one can deny their beauty.

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Images credit: My Sapphire Source & Bling Jewellery

Have a look below for more info on the most expensive gemstones around the globe:


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Image credit: Gemstone Advisor

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