police sell diamonds and jewelry of druglord

Police Sell Diamonds and Gold of Drug Lord

England has always had their own way of doing things a little unconventionally, but this time their barmy idea may be not be so barmy after all.

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Convicted drug lord and former cage fighter, Vincent Graham, had a very lavish lifestyle – all funded by his criminal activities. After he was sent to prison for 7 years for being in possession of 25 kilos of benzocaine, a chemical used to dilute cocaine, the police decided it was time for a fresh new move to combat crime.

They decided that selling gold jewelry, diamonds and other valuable possessions seized during a number of investigations on Graham was the best way to make things right with the world.


The police of North West England decided to sell diamonds and gold of the gangster on eBay and got to work having it evaluated by a professional jeweller. They placed a large variety of diamond and gold jewellery, such as watches and chains, on eBay in an attempt to raise money to combat crime from selling gold jewellery.

To sell gold jewelry and diamond jewelry of convicted criminals to help combat other crimes seems like a brilliant plan! sell gold

This is the first time that police have tried to sell gold jewelry attained from criminal investigations and half the funds from selling gold jewelry will be split between the police department, the regional police forces, the Crown Prosecution Service and Her Majesty’s Courts Service while the other half will be returned to the central government.

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