selling diamonds

Reasons to deal only with a reputable dealer when selling diamonds

selling diamondThe nature of the diamond industry is enough to make anyone nervous when selling diamonds. Blood diamonds, corruption, the rise of synthetic diamonds, and downright dishonesty sometimes characterise the business. Certainly, most news articles on the subject are about some or other negative side of the industry. So, here are a few reasons why you should seek out only the best:

Some diamond dealers are not experts in evaluation

While some diamond dealers may think they know about diamonds, or may be trained in the study of gems, if they lack experience in the market you will likely not get a fair price for selling diamonds to them. This is not so much about dishonesty as it is about ignorance. Evaluating a diamond is a complex process that requires specialist training, and in order to get the fairest price for your diamonds you need to deal only with the best. Liquid Finance has a wealth of experience to back up every decision that we make.

There is no set diamond price

Unlike gold, diamonds do not have one objective measure against which to set prices. While the Rapaport Diamond Report exists to regulate the price of diamonds, clever dealers are able to exploit the loopholes it contains in order to dishonestly increase their profit. Further, dishonest jewellery dealers can use this to their advantage by assessing the client and basing their price on how much they think they know about what they’ve got. When selling diamonds, it’s therefore important to know that the dealer is not going to conduct business in such a way. At Liquid Finance we strive for professionalism and offer fair services to all our clients.

Location is important

While you might know why you want to sell diamonds, the where is just as crucial. Diamonds and jewellery have always been a target for criminals and if the area in which you are selling diamonds is not safe, you run the risk of becoming a victim of crime. In other words, pick your location with care.

In the words of Murray Rose, president of the Rose estate Jewellers in Chicago, “the most important thing is to choose someone you trust”. At Liquid Finance, you don’t have to worry about anything. We are experts in evaluation, and we guarantee that your deal with us will be both honest and fair. Finally, we are located in a private, discreet environment that ensures your safety.

So, if you’re looking to sell diamonds, contact Liquid finance today.