Runaway Bride, Where to Sell My Jewellery?

We’ve all heard of it, seen it or perhaps even experienced it, but the runaway bride is not such a preposterous event as Hollywood would like us to believe. Whether the bride gets cold feet, has another love interest or doesn’t have consent from the family, there are many reasons why the dream day can turn into a nightmare.

A runaway bride posts many logistical problems for event organizers, and not to forget the broken hearted groom, or the ‘we-paid-for-your-wedding’ parents. Those are all topics for a different day. Today we focus on the bride, and where she has run off to. The embarrassment for committing a faux pas of such magnitude is usually gut-wrenching to say the least. Runaway Brides usually need to lay low like some illegal resident or petty thief, waiting for the storm to subside before making an appearance. The Honeymoon luggage is usually a great place to start planning your great escape from your big day.

Don’t fret yet little one, runaway bride stories make epic adventure experiences, think about Titanic and the betrothed Kate Winslet trying to escape her soon to be husband. Pretty sure the boat would still be sailing today had it not been for Rose literally getting cold feet, and if that wasn’t bad enough, she tossed the ‘Heart of the Ocean’ into the sea. If the jewel was as valuable as James Cameron would let us believe then it would make much more sense. She could have invested the money and have enough to build another Titanic by the time the movie was made.

Heart of the Ocean

Dowries, wedding gifts and even jewellery purchased for the wedding are all part of the pending nuptials. Just because the nuptials didn’t happen doesn’t mean you can’t make use of them. Whilst evading uncomfortable questions from family and friends on a desolate island, you can always maintain yourself by selling jewellery or pawning wedding gifts whilst you find your feet.