Sell loose diamonds

Sell Diamond Jewellery – Made of your Dead Relatives

An Italian father had his dead and buried son’s body exhumed to turn him into a diamond.  This may seem like a bizarre story that belongs to the realm of fiction, but in this case reality is stranger than fiction.

For a while now, tiny pamphlets have been neatly stacked in vets’ offices advertising that you can have your dearly departed pet turned into a diamond or other coloured gemstone of your choice. And now, you can even do it with dear old gran.

Sell loose diamonds

You can sell diamond jewellery should you be in a pinch financially, but unfortunately there is not likely to be a market for these synthetic diamonds that are essentially cubic zirconias and not diamonds.

But that matters little to the family members who are keen to turn their dead loved ones into a fashion accessory. Who would their compacted son anyway?

So what exactly does the process involve? It is fairly simple and straight forward. All you need to do is have the body of your choice cremated and then hand over the ashy remains to the professionals.

They filter and purify the ashes and turned into black graphite. This graphite is then put into a mould and placed under extreme temperatures and pressure to create a beautiful shiny new diamond.

This process is made possible by the fact that diamonds are essentially compressed carbon and the human body is around 18% carbon. All that is missing is a little well applied pressure and voila!

Carbon is not the only element that gets carried over to the diamonds. The boron that is present in the remains gives these diamonds a blueish tint instead of a clear sheen.

As we said before, these diamonds are not really diamonds per say but should you want to sell the gold or silver holding uncle Joe or aunt Helga, be sure to give Liquid Finance a call. And should you have any real diamonds you no longer want, you can always make use of our sell my diamond online to set up an appointment with us to get a good deal for your diamonds.