Sell diamonds

Sell diamonds the fast and effective way in a secure, and discrete setting with Liquid Fin. All our transactions take place in an office environment rather than a shop environment, so both professionalism and privacy are guaranteed.

We all have our favorite jewellery pieces that we wear every day, but what about those pieces that spend their lifetime in the safe?  Chances are that if you really look through all the diamond jewellery that you don’t wear, you will find yourself a mini treasure.

Sell Diamonds | Liquid Fin Some diamond jewellery items in your jewellery box may be outdated and others broken or damaged. What use is jewellery that sits in a safe or jewellery box? If you are really never going to wear that piece of diamond jewellery ever again then why not sell it? Selling diamonds or diamond jewellery that you don’t use can give you that extra bit of income you desperately desire.

We at Liquid Fin are licensed and experienced in the diamond dealer business, and with many years of experience behind our name, we can offer you the best prices when selling diamonds and other precious metals.

We are in the secure Diamond Center in Johannesburg as well as in our secure offices in Cape Town where you can sell diamonds in a private, discrete and safe setting. If you choose to sell diamonds and other jewellery to Liquid Fin, you are guaranteed the best price for your valuable possessions.

Diamond jewellery is there to be worn and appreciated, not to spend its life in a safe. Rather spend the money you can get from selling diamond jewellery on something you really want.

Over and above, we all know how expensive it can be to insure diamonds and jewellery, not to mention the admin you’d have to go through. Rather sell diamonds and get money back than pay out a fortune to insure them.

Selling Loose Diamonds and Jewels | Liquid Fin Liquid Fin will also help you ease your mind about crime, and the worry that comes with wearing expensive jewellery in relation to the current rate of crime in South Africa.

We at Liquid Fin are your one stop shop when it comes to selling diamonds.

Now that we’ve convinced you to sell diamonds and diamond jewellery that are just lying about collecting dust, make an appointment using the appointment form on the right. Alternatively give us a call in Johannesburg or Cape Town, or send us an email to make an appointment.