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Isn’t it time to sell gold jewellery or coins that are collecting dust?

There are so many of us that have old outdated gold jewellery that is broken or that we no longer wear. Similarly, quite a few people have collected a variety of gold coins, kept them in their safes and now have no idea why they are keeping them.  A lot of us have considered selling gold items, such as broken jewellery or gold coins, but often have no idea where to do so.

At Liquid Fin we offer the perfect solution for selling gold in a safe, private, and secure environment. You won’t be walking into a shop on the side of the road with no confidence in the process.  Our reputable company is held in high esteem by the diamond and gold industry and we offer a professional service to all our clients.

Sell Gold | Liquid Fin

We at Liquid Fin believe there is no better time than the present to sell gold coins and jewellery that have become dust collectors. I’m sure many of us would much rather enjoy the monetary value of our gold jewellery rather than the gold items themselves. Unworn gold jewellery is often referred to as a “glistening gold mine contained at the bottom of a box” and we couldn’t agree more.

There is no better choice when selling gold than Liquid Fin.  There are many “high street retail” type buying shops out there where you can sell gold yet these establishments do not offer the private, secure and professional environment that our Diamond Centre at Liquid Fin does. At Liquid Fin you will always walk in with valuables and out with money in the bank without ever having to worry about the safety when selling gold.

Sell gold coins or jewellery to Liquid Fin and avoid insurance costs and crime-related anxiety. Spend your money with a restful mind on something you really want.

Why Selling Gold Really Pays Off | Liquid Fin

If you are thinking about selling gold jewellery or coins, or would simply like a no-strings-attached free evaluation, make an appointment with Liquid Fin using the form on the right or simply send us an email or give us a call.