Choosing and selling diamond earring

Selling Diamond Earrings is Cruelty According to Court

A court in India has ruled that selling jewellery that belongs to a spouse without their consent is considered cruelty, particularly if the spouse does not profit from the sale of jewellery.  The entire incident came under the spotlight during the divorce proceedings of an Indian couple.

The judge who was handling the case made the valid point that marriage was supposed to be about happiness and peace with trust and love acting as the foundation. What trust can there be if a husband is selling diamond earrings, bracelets or necklaces that belong to his wife?Selling diamond earring

Furthermore, the case also placed a focus on the man’s greed and his drinking habit as the root causes of the conflict in the marriage.

At one stage, the husband sold all her jewellery without splitting the profit with her and left her and their 10 year old to fend for themselves.  A highlight of the woman’s torment was when her husband attempted to sell diamond earrings that had been given to her by her mother. When she asked him about it the earrings, he assaulted her.

The conclusion of the court was that selling diamond earrings without telling his wife or sharing the profits with her were the catalyst to the divorce. In the end, the woman received full custody of their child.