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Selling Jewelry | Now is the time to invest in the growing jewelry industry

The future of the jewelry industry is bright and glistening. Annual global sales are expected to grow at a healthy rate of 5 to 6 per cent each year and reach a peak by the year 2020. Customer appetite for jewelry, which was once diminished by the global recession now appears to have picked up and is insatiable. This increased demand for jewelry will also open doors for those looking to sell jewelry.

Investing in jewelry could become one of the biggest successes in your investing enterprise, or one of the biggest failures. The jewelry industry is volatile as it is fast growing. There are constant changes in consumer trends and the in the industry itself, jewelry players have to be aware of their markets and customers in order to survive and thrive.

There are five main trends that have been shaping the jewelry industry for over the last three decades.

  • Internationalisation and consolidation
  • The growth of branded products
  • A reconfigured channel landscape
  • “Hybrid” consumption
  • Fast fashion

These trends shape the growth or decline of the jewelry industry. When they succeed in their respective markets, the jewelry industry tends to pick up with them. Thankfully, precious metals have always had value as an intermediate commodity in every social collapse in the history of mankind.

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There is a large demand for commercial and retail use of jewelry which is why if you sell jewelry, the chances are that you will get a very good return on it.

Liquid fin is an accredited appraiser of jewelry. We examine and provide a free quote for your jewelry, and our offices offer privacy for your security. This is the perfect time for selling jewelry and getting immediate cash, with the holidays around the corner go ahead and treat yourself!


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