Selling Loose Diamonds and Jewels

Selling Loose Diamonds and Jewels

We all have precious jewels hidden away somewhere. Whether it is an antique piece or a modern design, the place you most probably will find the item is in a safe. The same goes for loose diamonds. To protect these precious stones from theft, the best option is to hide them, which is really a shame, because diamonds are so unique and beautiful.

Maybe the time has come to take out all the pieces of jewellery, and decide if it is still necessary to keep them, especially if you have the option of selling them. What about the gold coins in your safe that are only collecting dust? Those too can be turned into cash instantly.

Sell my gold chain or my diamonds? Never…” The thought of selling diamonds or even other pieces of gold jewellery can be a daunting thought to some people. Most ladies have an emotional connection with jewels.

But the fact still remains that jewellery tends to accumulate over the years. We even tend to keep the broken or unpaired jewellery, like in the case of a pair of earrings, where one is missing. If you think of it, it is unnecessary and is a contributing factor to clutter.

Fortunately, you can do something with those mismatched earrings. By selling them, as well as all the jewellery you no longer wear, you will make space in your safe for future purchases while having cash in hand at the same time.

If you are sceptical about what your pendant or diamonds are worth, why not do a free evaluation? During the evaluation, the jewels will be inspected to calculate what they are worth. You might be surprised to see what the value of the items are and, you might start to wonder if it would not be better to sell them and get your money’s worth, as opposed to having them lying in the safe all the time.

If you are in the market for selling diamonds, gold or other jewels, the best place to contact is Liquid Finance. Liquid Finance is a jewellery buyer that is professional and will turn your jewellery into cash. You can have money instantly. We are located in Johannesburg. To find out more about our service or to book a free evaluation, contact us today.