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Taking a Look at Diamond Colour Combinations

When it comes to coloured diamonds and diamond jewellery there are a lot of colour combinations to choose from. This includes basic colours like yellow, green, grey, orange and red, as well as a combination of these basic colours.

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But the colour of the diamond is only one part of the complex nature of this magnificent gem — you should also know that they are graded by the intensity of the colour. There are nine different intensity levels, ranging from faint and very light to fancy intense and fancy vivid. The difference in intensity level will also mean that it will give the diamond a completely different look. This is the reason why some are rarer than others.

However, keep in mind that not all colours come in all intensities. For example, if you choose a grey diamond you will only find it in fancy, and when you choose a brown diamond you will not find it in intense or vivid. This makes it even more interesting to find a rare and valuable diamond to add to your collection. White diamonds alone are graded with 17 different colour combinations, which just goes to show how many different variations are available.

In total, there are more than 7300 different diamond colours available, giving you endless options to choose from. A coloured diamond will usually have more than one colour, and, in some instances, a combination of more than two colours. It’s important to note that the most dominant colour of a specific diamond will also be the last one that is mentioned in its description. For example, a brown pink diamond will refer to a pink diamond with a secondary brown colour.

All these different colour combinations might seem a bit confusing but it’s important in terms of the value of specific diamonds. It’s important to work with a professional team when it comes to grading specific diamonds and other jewellery.

With so much to take into account when buying or selling diamond jewellery, consulting an expert like Liquid Fin is advisable. We will give you an accurate valuation on your diamond jewellery and make sure that you get the best possible price.

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